Hi, I’m Thais, a devoted animal advocate, grateful pet parent, pet product inventor and as it turns out, a recovering dummy!

I was an old school know-it-all lover of dogs so it never occurred to me that I could harm my beloved pup. I was wrong… there is so much new information!

Did you know that dog’s bodies run hot and can easily suffer in warm (doesn’t need to be hot) weather, and in fact they can’t cool themselves once the external temperature reaches their body temperature?

Were you aware that your dog’s nails, when not properly clipped, can lead to joint and hip pain, deterioration, even arthritis? Or, that their feet can burn when the temperature outside is as low as 80 degrees? Or that they can roast in a car on a beautiful 75 degree day?

Can you imagine that grapes, chocolate, raisins and many other tasty human foods including sugar free gum (it’s the Xylitol) can swiftly shut down your canine’s system causing illness or even death if ingested? And beware of peanut butter with Xylitol. It’s deadly for our pups!

There’s no shame… the rules changed on us!

If you don’t believe this applies to you, or think your dog is different, please stay open.

Based in current science and the researched psychology of pet behavior, we’ve put together a helpful list of new rules* we follow. They are meant to be updated guidelines you can discuss with your vet and share with your friends and family. *please consult with your veterinarian to decide what is right for you and your pet.

We hope you will implement and pass on these tools; together we can dispel myths, share information, protect and promote the overall heath, happiness and safety of pets everywhere. In case you missed it… HERE are the New Rules.

I’m in your (and your dog’s) corner,

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